Hughes 9350 BGAN with Class 10 Antenna

Manufacturer: HUGHES

€ 12,980.00 including VAT


  • Land-use vehicular satellite broadband terminal.
  • Speeds up to 464 kbps.
  • Heavy-duty and rugged.

Imagine connecting at IP broadband rates of up to 400+ kbps (depending on look angle) transmit and receive while on the move—with a complete mobile communications package including a broadband satellite IP terminal and tracking antenna. That’s exactly what you get with the breakthrough Hughes 9350 mobile satellite terminal. Fully approved for operation on Inmarsat’s global BGAN satellite service, the Hughes 9350 offers high-performance connectivity on the move for the most demanding environments.

The Hughes 9350 is ideal for emergency responders, reporters, and mobile workers who need reliable, high-speed connectivity on the move, such as:

  • First responders and public safety workers
  • Mobile healthcare technicians
  • Corporate disaster planners
  • Remote field personnel

The Hughes 9350 Class 10 Antenna has a larger 19.5″ diameter antenna, but the larger size delivers 400+ Kbps speeds. The controller provides a wireless hotspot to any in-range device.