Hughes 9350 BGAN with Class 10 Antenna

Manufacturer: HUGHES

  • Land-use vehicular satellite broadband terminal.
  • Speeds up to 464 kbps.
  • Heavy-duty and rugged.

Imagine connecting at IP broadband rates of up to 400+ kbps (depending on look angle) transmit and receive while on the move—with a complete mobile communications package including a broadband satellite IP terminal and tracking antenna. That’s exactly what you get with the breakthrough Hughes 9350 mobile satellite terminal. Fully approved for operation on Inmarsat’s global BGAN satellite service, the Hughes 9350 offers high-performance connectivity on the move for the most demanding environments.

The Hughes 9350 is ideal for emergency responders, reporters, and mobile workers who need reliable, high-speed connectivity on the move, such as:

  • First responders and public safety workers
  • Mobile healthcare technicians
  • Corporate disaster planners
  • Remote field personnel

The Hughes 9350 Class 10 Antenna has a larger 19.5″ diameter antenna, but the larger size delivers 400+ Kbps speeds. The controller provides a wireless hotspot to any in-range device.


Manufacturer: NERA

Half the size of a laptop and weighing less than 1 kg, the Nera WorldPro 1000 meets the toughest demands for portability. Built for persistent travel and bumpy rides, the terminal can be dropped onto concrete without breaking and works just as well in a dusty desert or amid a humid rain forest.

With data rates of up to 384 kbps, users of the Nera WorldPro 1000 can utilize bandwidth-hungry applications on the move without experiencing any performance issues. Simultaneously, the terminal can transmit high-quality voice calls.

In order to cater for comfortable indoor usage in inhospitable or risky environments, the Nera WorldPro 1000 can be split into two units, one part serving as the antenna (to be placed outside) the other as the terminal connected to your PC or else.



  • Voice
  • Text messaging
  • File transfer
  • E-mail
  • Access to the Internet and corporate networks
  • Video conferencing and video store-and-forward
  • Back-up communications infrastructure for highly critical use
  • Machine to machine

Explorer 510

Manufacturer: Cobham SATCOM

The all new EXPLORER 510 is the smallest ever EXPLORER BGAN and the ideal combination of performance and portability. The durable magnesium casing and a dust and water resistant design makes the EXPLORER 510 the perfect choice when working off the beaten track, but still dependent on a reliable connection.

Explorer 540

Manufacturer: Cobham SATCOM

As the world’s first BGAN M2M terminal designed to operate on both Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) and cellular 2G/3G/GPRS networks, EXPLORER 540 delivers always available connectivity for critical monitoring and control applications.

Explorer 710

Manufacturer: Cobham SATCOM

The first and only BGAN terminal to support the new High Data Rate on-demand streaming service from Inmarsat. With speeds higher than 600 kbps the EXPLORER 710 sets a new standard for mobile video newsgathering. Double the speed with plug and play bonding: simply connect two EXPLORER 710 terminals with an ethernet cable and achieve streaming rates over 1 Mbps.

Explorer 325

Manufacturer: Cobham SATCOM

Compact voice and broadband solution for vehicles. The EXPLORER 325 is a compact BGAN system for on-the-move communication. The system consists of three fully integrated units – a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mountable antenna with magnetic mounts.

Explorer 727

Manufacturer: Cobham SATCOM

EXPLORER 727 is a high-speed, vehicular broadband terminal. It consists of three fully integrated units – a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mountable antenna.

Whether you’re engaged in defense, humanitarian operations, live radio or TV broadcasts or telemedicine, you need rapidly deployable communication equipment you can always rely on.

Explorer 300

Manufacturer: Cobham SATCOM

EXPLORER 300 makes it easy to stay connected anywhere in the world. Providing complete broadband connectivity the size of a netbook, it is an ideal terminal for single travelers who frequently change location, consisting of only one unit – a transceiver with an integrated antenna.

The smallest terminal in the EXPLORER series. Weighs only 1,4 kg. Dimensions: 16.8×21.7×5.2cm

A single-user terminal: Ideal if your primarily need voice, or moderate speed standard IP internet access.

Compact: Easy to carry, simple system set-up and operation.

Explorer 700

Manufacturer: Cobham SATCOM

Versatility: It provides multiple interfaces to support a wide range of applications. Ideal for video streaming applications and large file transfer and can be used by smaller workgroups sharing a temporary or semi permanent office environment.

High-speed: Download and upload at 492 kbps. Moreover, it supports Inmarsat’s BGAN X-Stream, on-demand streaming at +384 kbps for applications demanding outstanding performance.

Rough environments: Designed to withstand severe environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, extreme weather and changing temperatures.

Explorer 500

Manufacturer: Cobham SATCOM

EXPLORER 500 is the perfect choice, when working off the beaten track, but still dependant on a reliable connection. Whether travelling alone or in smaller teams this terminal meets the need for mobile access to office resources, providing access to phone networks and internet simultaneously.

Though smaller than a standard laptop, this satellite terminal supports your need for performance and is easy to set-up and to operate.