29 June 2016: Six Global Xpress launch events in three cities over three days left potential customers in New Zealand in no doubt of the power and potential behind Inmarsat’s new Ka-band network – the first globally available, high speed broadband service from a single network operator.


The events in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland were led by Inmarsat partner Wright Satellite Connections, a satellite communications service provider to defence, maritime, civil defence and other organisations for use around the world.

The six events were held for representatives of the New Zealand Defence Force; Army, Air Force and Navy communications specialists; and Headquarters Joint Forces.

There were also participants from a wide range of public service and private sector organisations including central and local government, civil defence, emergency services, NGOs, power transmission, maritime and the scientific community.

“With approximately 170 people attending the six events our Global Xpress launch held in conjunction with Inmarsat has proven to be a significant success, and has considerably lifted the awareness and profile of GX in New Zealand,” said Peter Nally, Communications Systems Manager at Wrights Satellite Connections.